Coffee Library

Coffee Library

All of the coffees we've roasted at our house:

BARREL AGED PERU  //  Milk Espresso

Reminds us of a light Irish coffee.

Our first Milk Espresso: a Peru aged in bourbon barrels for six months.

This coffee came from Finca Churupampa, in the mountains of Northern Peru. The Tocto family started this farm in 2011, and through working with other local producers, they have expanded it into a farming initiative which now includes 162 producing members in the surrounding areas.

With an aroma of sweet vanilla bourbon, we think this coffee tastes best with steamed milk for a creamy Irish coffee feel, and even better if you try it as a mocha!

Importer: Root 86
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Elevation: 1400-1800m
Process: Washed

CARAMBOLA  //  Guatemala - Filter

Our 2020 Christmas Coffee!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and at House of Funk, Ann was thinking about coffee, more than anyone has ever thunk.

She was thinking of ways to make a Christmas surprise, flavours that danced on your taste buds, and you could see with your eyes!

All of a sudden it was there, that back in November she had a dream about coffee, which she began to remember.

That night 'twas a dream about Guatemalan beans, with delicate flavours, and a kick of caffeine.

She awoke from her slumber, and ran down the stairs, and to her surprise, there were wine barrels there!

So she put those little beans, into that funky cask, a holiday coffee to share, with everyone at last!

Region: Antigua, Veracruz
Producer: Ricardo Zelaya, Puerta Verde 
Importer: West Coast Coffee Traders
Elevation: 1520m
Varietal: Bourbon, Bourboncito, Villa Sarchi, Java, Caturra
Process: Washed, Aged in Wine Barrels

CHILDISH CAMPINO  //  Colombia - Filter

Reminds us of a strawberry Campino.

This 100% Castillo lot was cultivated by Felipe Arcila and his brother Carlos, at Jardines Del Eden, which they've now owned for two years. They are dedicated to experimentation and growing varietals including Pink Bourbon, Tabi, Gesha, SL28, Sidra, Wush Wush, Caturrón and Papayo, to highlight a few.

We've really been enjoying coffees processed through anaerobic fermentation, where the whole cherry undergoes two stages of fermentation (with a drying phase in between), as you get a distinct wine character when cupped.

This sweet coffee has strong notes of strawberry, with a full, milky body mouthfeel.

Region: Pijao, Quindio
Producer: Filipe Arcila
Importer: Forward Coffee
Varietal: Castillo
Elevation:  1800m
Process: White Wine Fermentation (Anaerobic Fermentation)

COLOMBIA  //  Filter

Reminds us of lemon iced tea on a sunny patio.

This remarkably mellow tasting coffee has a tea-like body and comes from San Javier, an independent farm in the Nariño region of Colombia.

Our importer, who visits the farm personally, pays the farm double the local rate and purchases their entire crop, every year, to ensure that in the case of an off year, there is guaranteed income for the farmers. This enables two families to live on the San Javier farm year-round, instead of only seasonal workers.

Producer: San Javier Farm
Importer: APEX Coffee Imports
Varietals: Castillo & Caturra
Elevation: 2200m
Process: Washed

COSTA RICA  //  Filter

Reminds us of: a Werthers from grandma.

This SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) is the highest grade of Costa Rican coffee beans, from one of the most famous growing regions, Tarrazú. This particular lot is from a group of smallholder farms, south of San José, and like other Costa Rican coffees, we get a ton of caramel out of the cup!

Producers: Smallholder Farms
Importer: Root 86 Imports
Varietals: Caturra & Catuai
Elevation: 1500
Process: Washed

DOWNTEMPO DECAF  //  Filter & Espresso

Reminds us of eating sweet breakfast cereal, straight out of the box.

When you love the warmth a coffee provides, but it's already a quarter-past 6 and don't feel like staring at the ceiling for hours tonight.

Producers: Varies
Swiss Water Process
Importer: Root 86 Imports

ETHIOPIA  //  Espresso

Reminds us of blueberries black, and caramel in milk.

Light espresso is difficult to “dial in” so this one can be a little tricky, but if you can tackle it, you'll be rewarded with an incredibly sweet, fruity and complex espresso.

Producer: Kayon Mountain Estate
Importer: Root 86 Importers
Varietals: Heirloom
Elevation: 1900-2100m
Process: Natural, hand sorted

FRUIT CUP  //  Colombia - Filter

Reminds us of a mouthful of wine gums.

Finca El Mirador is a 32-hectare farm located near Pitalito in Huila. where Elkin Guzman’s family has a history of over 70 years in the coffee business! This particular Tabi is like an entire orchard in a cup, with notes of pear, peach, nectarine and lime.

A huge portion of the farm (30 hectares) is dedicated to growing experimental varietals, while a few hectares on are solely dedicated to growing Caturra in order to experiment with different processes.

Ann, our Head Roaster has actually visited neighbouring farms in this region, and we're excited to see what comes out of this innovative farm next!

Producer: Elkin Guzman
Farm: Finca El Mirador
Importer: APEX Coffee Imports
Elevation: 1550-1680m
Varietal: Tabi
Process: Natural Acetic

GRANADA, DE NADA  //  Mexico - Espresso

Reminds us of pomegranate liqueur.

When it comes to amazing coffee green, Mexico is a bit of a newcomer on the world stage. There is so much that goes into producing excellent coffee, and it takes time to develop and fine-tune these processes. Camilo Merizalde has been on a 20+ year journey to produce this coffee, he has brought the most advanced farming and post-harvest processing techniques from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil to Mexico.

This coffee was first rinsed, dried, and then barrel aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels at origin, in a new process called Barrel Aromatic Modulation. After aging they go through a more traditional drying process on raised beds. The result is a very complex and funky coffee which reminds us of Granada liqueur.

Country: Mexico
Region: Ixhuatlan del Café, Veracruz
Producer: Santuario Process Center
Importer: Root 86
Varietals: Bourbon
Elevation:  1450 - 1500m
Process: Barrel aromatic modulation

MANDARUM  //  Colombia - Filter

Reminds us of a chocolate orange you might find in your stocking.

When it comes to challenging the status quo, Mandarum is as experimental as they get. Coffee plants of the Tabi varietal (a new hybrid of Timor, Bourbon and Typica) are remarkably disease resistant, making them ideal for experimentation.

These ripe coffee cherries underwent an anaerobic fermentation (meaning fermented without oxygen) with dried with mandarin orange peels, followed by aging in rum barrels at origin for 15 days.

We purchased this incredibly unique coffee not only because it tastes great, but also because it rewards producers who are taking risks with experimentation, and encourages the coffee community to continue pushing the envelope.

Region: Planadas, Tolima department
Producer: Diego Castro, Finca La Fortuna
Importer: Forward Coffee 
Varietals: Tabi
Elevation: 1750m
Process: Anaerobic fermentation with mandarin orange peels & rum barrel aged.

MELLOW CARAMELO  //  Brazil - Filter

Reminds us of a chocolate covered caramel.

We are excited to be working with Danielle Fonseca from Brazil, and her farm Fazenda da Serra for a second time. This time around, Danielle blended her coffee with two other farms in her area in an effort to create the most balanced green she could.

Natural process, sun dried coffee cherries resulting in a full bodied filter coffee with notes of caramel, orange and cacao.

This Brazil offering is approachable yet complex and is perfect to warm up in the morning with.

Region: Sul de Minas
Producer: Danielle Fonseca, Dario Botrel & Lucio Portugal
Importer: Mountain Coffee
Process: Natural
Elevation: 900m
Varietals: Mundo Novo, Red and Yellow Catuai & Topazio

NICA LIBRE  //  Nicaragua - Filter

Reminds us of sweet cherry cola & rum. 

A punchy and full bodied bean from the Finca Aurora farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Rum, bright red cola, chocolate and funk.

To push this fun yet clean flavour profile, the ripe cherries were closed into airtight tanks right after picking, without water. Left fermented for four days until they reached a final pH of 3.9, then dried on raised beds for 35 days and reposed for 14 weeks before hulling.

Region: La Fundadora
Producer: Tania and Enrique Ferrufino
Importer: La Finca Distribution
Elevation: 1150-1350 MASL
Varietal: Parainema
Process: Experimental Natural Process

PEPO PARTY  //  Zambia - Filter

Reminds us of one of those watermelon candies.

We are obsessed with naturally fermented African beans, and we've unlocked flavours out of this Zambian coffee that are different from the more ubiquitous Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees. Kateshi Estate is Rainforest Alliance, 4C and UTZ certified.

We've procured this crop two seasons in a row because it results in such a sweet and juicy cup, likely from the nutrient-rich, ancient volcanic soils of this region. We love these beans so much that we will be releasing multiple ways to try them! Stay tuned!

Producer: Kateshi Estate
Importer: Root 86 Importers
Varietals: Catimor
Elevation: 1400-1600m
Process: Natural fermentation

SUNDAE MORNING  //  Rwanda - Espresso

Reminds us of crème brûlée, topped with raspberries.

Kanyege Central Washing Station (CWS) is located in the high-altitude hills of the Nyamasheke District. The warm days and cool nights afforded by such high altitude helps the coffee cherries from the old bourbon trees mature and amass more sugars.

Kanyege CWS is part of Rwacof (IG: rwacof_exports) which is an organization which helps build the local industry through worker training, sustainability, and quality control standards. Rwacof pays its farmers both regular wages and bonuses through national banks, which offers farmers bank accounts and access to credit, for many of them for the first time.

The prime location combines with the careful work of local farmers and Kanyege employees to produce some of the best coffee in Rwanda.

Region: Western Province

Producer: Smallerholder Farms
Importer: Mountain Coffee
Elevation: 1920-2100m
Process: Fully Washed
Varietals: Bourbon

TECHNICOLOUR  //  Espresso Blend

Reminds us of your favourite chocolate bar, just a little bit melted.

This is our house espresso blend, while the origins may rotate you can always expect the same flavour profile from this Australian inspired 'spro.

From Ann, our Head Roaster: “Our inspiration for this blend came from when I was living in Australia. Cafes in Melbourne had incredible espresso with lovely mellow chocolate and caramel notes. I wanted to capture that in a blend which would taste wonderful either black, or with milk.”

Producers: Varies
Importer: Root 86 Imports
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Catuai & Catucai, SL28
Elevation: 1100-1700

TWO TO MANGO  //  Ethiopia Chelbesa - Organic Filter

Reminds us of a mango boba tea.

Negusse Weldyes, the owner of Danche washing station and SNAP coffee, pays a premium in order to curate the best cherries from the local farms. This is only the second season of harvest for the Danche washing station, and it's tasting like they have been doing this for years!

A portion of Danche washing station profits will be used to build a clinic in the area to elevate the local healthcare standards.

Producer: 500 Smallholder farms (Danche washing station)
Importer: Apex Coffee Imports
Varietals: Welisho, Kurume
Elevation: 2000 - 2300m
Process: Natural Fermentation