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—  COFFEE  —

Summer 2019
Full espresso bar open daily (closes 3:00pm).
Pour overs and cold brew available all day.


—  Ethiopia  —
Gedeo Yirgacheffe Kochere Grade 1
Elevation: 1900-2100M
Varietal: Heirloom
Fully washed, sun dried on raised beds & extra hand sorted
Tasting Like: Caramel, Peach, Vanilla

—  Organic Sulawesi Toraja  —
Grade 1, from the region of Toraja Utara village.
Elevation: 1500M
Wet hulled processed
Tasting Like: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Red Apple

—  Organic Decaf  —
Swiss Water Process
A premium espresso blend of high density beans.  A rich blend of Central and South American, and Indonesian origins, making for a clean, sweet, balanced cup.
Tasting Like: Milk Chocolate, Honey, Cinnamon

—  Backbeat Espresso  —
Brazil & Kenya Blend
Custom House of Funk blend created by Ann, our head roaster.
Tasting Like: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Blackberry

—  Kenya —
AB Plus
Elevation: 1600-1700M
Varietal:  SL-28
Double washed & sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted
Tasting Like: Chocolate, Plum, Blackberry

Nitro Cold Brew now on tap!
Cold Brew - Brewed Daily on our Cold brew tower - Rotating Origins.
On the Espresso Bar - House Espresso Blend
Pour Over - Rotating Single Origins


About Ann


Ann Hnatyshyn is one of few female roasters in the Third Wave coffee industry. Over the last decade of her career, Ann’s passion to master the art of roasting has taken her to New Zealand, Australia, England, Columbia, and finally back home to Canada where her exploration of farming systems, origin flavour complexities, roasting techniques, and espresso extraction have earned her the title of Head Coffee Roaster at House of Funk. Ann introduces her signature light roast coffee made daily with the freshest beans from the southern hemisphere. 

“Our coffee selection will be rotating depending on the freshest crop available. Different regions have different harvest periods, and being seasonally focused allows us to roast and brew the freshest beans. Here at House of Funk, we will always have 4 to 5 single origins, 1 decaffeinated coffee, and 1 blend.

The purpose of a blend is to have a certain flavour profile in mind so the roaster can use different beans that are in season to achieve that desired flavour profile. Since coffee is an organic product, it’s constantly in flux. So a blend is a great way for a Roaster to control the flavour year in, year out.

We will be working with two different local and family-run companies in Vancouver who go down to origin to develop and maintain relationships with the farmers. They seek out unique, quality lots of coffee from Africa, South and Central America, and Indonesia to name a few.

We will have 340g bags of coffee for sale in the House of Funk tasting room for all your coffee needs at home. Don’t have a grinder? No problem, we can grind it for you. Keep your barista in the loop on how your coffee is tasting at home! We can always experiment with the grind size, by making it a bit finer or coarser depending on how its tasting depending on how you make your coffee.

We offer a full espresso bar during the day with the espresso machine shutting down at 3:30pm every day. We will have pour overs available all day, as well as cold brew!

My inspiration for the way I roast has actually come from watching Michelin star chefs and their mindsets about cooking. They want to use the freshest, in-season, and highest quality ingredients while preparing everything in a way to just highlight and elevate specific notes. I want the same for my coffee. I want to source the coffee’s that has just been harvested, and roast it in a way that it highlights that region, and bring out the natural flavour of the bean. When you drink our coffee black, I want the tastes from those regions to truly shine!”

  • Ann Hnatyshyn / Head Coffee Roaster 

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