AION 2024  // Anniversary Beer 2024 (4-pack) - 473ml cans

AION 2024 // Anniversary Beer 2024 (4-pack) - 473ml cans

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AION // 2024 // foeder aged golden sour// 6.0% ABV

Our anniversary beer, represents unbounded time and eternity. For our anniversary each year, we hand pick a collection of special barrels and blend them, commemorating the developing character in our wood cellar. In year one, an oak foeder in our cellar earned the name Aion to hold our house culture developing over the year providing a unique harmony of acidity, aged complexity, and funk.⁣Aion is a predecessor for multiple releases and blends - past, present, and future - and has evolved into an entity of its own. From this year's blend springs forth a tropical peach and white wine acidity, balanced by delicate oak character and slight tannin from grape must.

Available as 4-packs in 473ml cans.