DOWNTEMPO DECAF // Organic Decaf - Espresso

DOWNTEMPO DECAF // Organic Decaf - Espresso

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— Downtempo Decaf Blend - Espresso—

When you love the warmth a coffee provides, but it's already a quarter-past six and don't feel like staring at the ceiling for hours tonight.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Medellin
Producers: Coops
Elevation: 1200-1800m
Process: Fuly Washed/Swiss Water Process Decaf
Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia & Castillo

Reminds us of: eating sweet breakfast cereal, straight out of the box.

(please note that orders of 2LB & 5LB bags will be roasted fresh and delivered the next business day)