HOUSE OF LAGER // Bavarian Lagerbier (6-pack) - 355ml cans

HOUSE OF LAGER // Bavarian Lagerbier (6-pack) - 355ml cans

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Bavarian Lagerbier, our flagship beer for House of Lager!

A Bavarian-style pils, step-mashed with an heirloom malt from the Skagit Valley here in the Pacific Northwest, hopped generously with Magnum (an old world varietal with earthy and floral notes) and Motueka (a New Zealand varietal that has exceptional noble character with a hint of fresh citrus) and naturally carbonated through krausening.

Krausening is the process of blending in young, actively fermenting beer, which creates a secondary fermentation during the lagering process, generating natural carbonation. It's then lagered for at least six weeks after krausening, or until the beer meets our quality standards.

Available as 6-packs in 355ml cans.