NICA LIBRE // Nicaragua - Filter

NICA LIBRE // Nicaragua - Filter

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— NICA LIBRE // Nicaragua - Filter —

Reminds us of: sweet cherry cola and rum. 

A punchy and full bodied bean from the Finca Aurora farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Rum, bright red cola, chocolate and funk.

To push this fun yet clean flavour profile, the ripe cherries were closed into airtight tanks right after picking, without water. Left fermented for four days until they reached a final pH of 3.9, then dried on raised beds for 35 days and reposed for 14 weeks before hulling.

Region: La Fundadora
Producer: Tania and Enrique Ferrufino
Importer: La Finca Distribution
Elevation: 1150-1350 MASL
Varietal: Parainema
Process: Experimental Natural Process

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