THE GREAT HEIST //  Ethiopia Filter

THE GREAT HEIST // Ethiopia Filter

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Reminds us of a process so rare every sip is a mouthful of rare gems

Honey processing is very rare from Ethiopia and the Koke washing station has produced one for over 8 years in very small quantities. Lightly washed and pulped then sun dried on raised beds as a honey and hand sorted. 

Being a light honey, it is not overly fruity but allows the acidity to be more approachable providing a more intricate flavor profile. Lovely floral notes, sweet citrus blossom, white peach, chai tea, chocolate, Asian pear.

Origin / Ethiopia                                                                                                                    Region / Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe KOKE                                                                        Varietal / Heirloom                                                                                                                Elevation / 2000 - 2300                                                                                                        Process /  Honey