LEFT OF CENTRE // Brazil Filter
LEFT OF CENTRE // Brazil Filter

LEFT OF CENTRE // Brazil Filter

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LEFT OF CENTRE // Brazil Anaerobic Natural

Reminds us of: Concord grape, strawberry, blueberry.
If you know us at all, it should come as no surprise that there's a particular fondness within the House of Funk brewery/roastery marriage for fermentation and its mighty powers.
You'll also know we like to challenge the norm, and here's a coffee that does just that.
Not to say anaerobic fermentation is especially atypical — in fact, one could argue that fermentation is by definition anaerobic (a term which indicates the absence of free oxygen, or the incursion of an oxygen debt). It's not unusual these days for producers to flush their fermentation chambers with nitrogen or another inert gas to displace the oxygen and encourage the proliferation of specific anaerobes (while suppressing the growth of others).
No, what surprises and intrigues us about this coffee is that it's a Brazilian that, as a result of a very masterfully controlled anaerobic fermentation process, doesn't taste like a Brazilian at all. It challenges the common association with Brazilian coffees and (relatively unexotic) nutty, creamy, chocolate flavour profiles.
It presents instead a very zingy, fruit-forward wash of tangy grape and berries.
Additionally, Brazilian coffees are commonly chosen for their abilities to withstand a much darker roast profile, deepening a caramel sweetness without losing any real complexity (of which there may not be much to begin with). This one, however, has such a rich mélange of characteristics at the fore that require very little attention from our friend Maillard to light up.

Origin: Brazil
Region: Campo des Vertentes
Importer: Common Goal Coffee
Farm: Fazenda Jaguara
Producer: Natalia Brito
Varietal: Arara
Elevation: 1040 masl
Process: Anaerobic Natural