MORE GUAVA BANANA // Colombia Filter
MORE GUAVA BANANA // Colombia Filter

MORE GUAVA BANANA // Colombia Filter

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MORE, GUAVA BANANA!! // Colombia Natural Anaerobic

Reminds us of: a guava and banana milkshake.

What’s this? Looks familiar? Yes that's right we brought it back. Last year this coffee was a favorite and when we got a taste of this yeas harvest we knew it would be back. So here you go. More Guava Banana.....

This tropical treat, Guava Banana, is one of the flagship coffees of El Vergel, a place surrounded by guava trees. The location and processing of this coffee lead to its uniquely intense and profile of guava and banana.

This coffee was processed through an anaerobic controlled temperature fermentation for 48 to 60 hours taking close control of the ph levels, followed by an intermittent drying process of a series of stalls in different moisture levels to enhance complexity, and finished in silos to obtain accurate moisture of the beans and then stabilized for 45 days to homogenize the beans and promote complexity to the profile.

Importer: Forest Developing Coffee Projects
Producer: Elias & Shady Bayter
Farm: El Vergel
Varietal: Red & Yellow Caturra
Process: Natural Anaerobic