House of Funk Brewing Co.

House of Funk was created to challenge the status quo, cultivating an environment of experimentation with a devotion to quality. Our small batch systems allow us to push boundaries and experiment with brews, meaning we're able to serve up fresh and unique flavours more frequently.

In the brewery, every single brew must spend time fermenting or conditioning in wood, or be subjected to an onslaught of wild yeast, souring bacteria and other funky micro-organisms.

House of Funk Roasting Co.

In the roastery, we're continually developing funky flavour profiles by tailoring our degree of roast to highlight the nuances of every origin.

It is important to us that we only procure traceable green from farms that align with our own values of sustainability and community. We want to help grow the economies for the people of the regions which are less developed.

We strive to push people's palates beyond what they expect from coffee. Acidity is not a crime.

House of Lager

House of Lager began from a desire to provide our market with quality lagers that are brewed traditionally and given the proper time to condition. Our aim is to change people's perception of lagers and showcase the effort and ingenuity that goes into crafting an authentic lager. We promise to never compromise on quality of ingredients, or shorten the amount of conditioning time needed.

Our Values


From the products we release, to the experiences that we create - we break conventions. Our process and recipes will be shared to the world, so we can advance culture. We didn’t call ourselves house of beige for a reason.


Triple. Bottom. Line. We hold ourselves accountable, so that we can build a better future for our planet, our families, and our communities. We strive to become a B-corporation one day, and challenge ourselves every day to become better.


We are all on this journey together - we stand for inclusion and diversity, and we hold space for discussion and discourse. Every community that we are a part of is our extended family - and we strive to treat it as such.


We believe decentralized decision making empowers the creative individual and we structure ourselves accordingly. We envision a House of Funk in every city, so we can ferment the culture around the world.