SWEETEST THING // Rwanda Filter
SWEETEST THING // Rwanda Filter

SWEETEST THING // Rwanda Filter

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SWEETEST THING // Rwanda Anaerobic Natural

Reminds us of: strawberry jam, apple cider, spiced rum.

You might say this is an edgy coffee. Not in terms of flavour — on the contrary, the profile is as richly dulcet as its name suggests — but rather in terms of its processing.

It’s actually something of a blend — Baho Coffee founder Emmanuel Rusatira selected lots at two separate washing stations, where they were processed and dried in the exact same way, then milled and combined into a single offering.

As our friends at Semilla write, this is “a very obvious faux-pas in today’s specialty market” — but Emmanuel isn’t afraid to challenge the norms, particularly when it comes to fermentation, equitable pricing, and community investment.

So here’s to the sweet taste of audacity — in this case, a heady mix of apples, cinnamon, and smoke enlivened with just enough citric acidity.

Importer: Semilla
Region: Nyamasheke District, Western Province / Nyarugu District, Southern Province
Producer: Baho Coffee
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1535-1900 masl
Process: 72-hour Anaerobic Natural