VALLEY CLOUDS // Colombia Filter
VALLEY CLOUDS // Colombia Filter

VALLEY CLOUDS // Colombia Filter

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VALLEY CLOUDS // Colombia Washed

Reminds us of: Red Grape, Green Apple & Honey
The Huila region of Colombia is one of the largest and definitely one of the best. Often producing coffee  with bright fruit flavours and balanced sweetness. This coffee has this in spades. The first thing you notice in this coffee is, its is bright. It hits you with a green apple and red grape, but then you notice the sweetness. This coffee is big up front, but is light bodied and doesn’t linger in the mouth.
This Colombia micro-lot comes from a 14 Hectare farm with meticulous care and processing.
If you like to compare coffees, think of “Valley Clouds” & “I Wish I Was The Moon” as companion coffees. Both Colombian. Both Washed. Almost identical roast profiles. Two different growing regions. Two very different coffees.
Origin: Colombia Huila, Acevedo, San Adolfo
Importer: Root 86
Varietal: Caturra only
Elevation: 1650-1850M
Process: Washed & sun dried on raised beds for 16 days
Fermented 32-48 hrs