Italian Pilsner (5.0%)

From House of Lager

A nod to the famous Tipopils out of Northern Italy. Italian Pilsner was brewed with 100% Skagit Valley Pilsen malt and moderately dry hopped with new age European hops. Natural carbonation. Lagered for five weeks in stainless.

4oz  $2.5  |  12oz  $6  |  16oz  $7  |  20oz  $8

Festbier (5.6%)

From House of Lager

Our take on a modern Oktoberfest Lager, Festbier was brewed with Munich and Vienna to contribute malt depth and a golden colour. Hopped with Hallertau Saphir. Lagered for six weeks. Natural carbonation.

4oz  $2.5  |  12oz  $6  |  16oz  $7  |  20oz  $8

Marzen (6.5%)

From House of Lager

Our take on a classic Oktoberfest Lager. We brewed this as a standard Marzen-style lager with Pilsner, Light Munich, and Dark Munich malts. After fermenting slow and cold, we transferred to French oak barrels where it conditioned for ten months with Brettanomyces. We then brought it back to stainless, blended with young Festbier, krausened for carbonation and lagered for four weeks.

4oz  $2.5  |  12oz  $6  |  16oz  $7  |  20oz  $8

Bavarian Lager (4.8%)

From House of Lager

Old world methods. Old world patience.
Our house lager is a Bavarian-style pils, step-mashed with an heirloom malt from the Skagit Valley. Premium, new school hops. Natural carbonation.

4oz  $2.5  |  12oz  $5  |  16oz  $6  |  20oz  $7

Syncopation (5.0%)

Foeder aged Czech pilsner

Our House Czech pilsner. 100% Saaz hops. Floor malted pilsner malt. Lagered in our oak foeders as they did in the Germanic caves of old.

4oz  $2.5  |  12oz  $6  |  16oz  $7  |  20oz  $8

Valhalla (5.0%)

Wild pale ale

Our house wild pale ale. A marriage of wild yeasts and aggressive hop usage. Double dry hopped with Citra, Centennial & El Dorado hops.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Bootsy (6.75%)

Farm house IPA

Brewed with oats and raw wheat, Bootsy was fermented warm on a blend of saison and fruit forward Brettanomyces, and generously dryhopped with Mosaic and Simcoe hops.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Radegast (8.0%)

Sour Double IPA

Our rotating sour double IPA. Brewed with oats, wheat, and barley malt, Radegast is aggressively double dry hopped Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe. After fermentation and conditioning, we blend in foeder aged sour beer.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Chaka V.2 (6.5%)

Sour IPA

Our rotating house sour IPA. Raw wheat, oats and 2-row malt. Fermented with a house Kveik and wild lactobacillus culture. Double dry hopped with Enigma and Galaxy hops. Blended with foeder aged golden sour.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Juno V.2 (5.0%)

Dry hopped sour with peach & vanilla

Juno V2 was brewed with raw wheat, oats & pilsner malt. Soured and co-fermented with our house mixed culture. Generously dry hopped with BRU-1 and Idaho-7 then conditioned on peaches & vanilla beans.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Funk Juice V.17 (5.0%)

Smoothie sour with blueberry, blackberry & raspberry

Funk Juice was brewed with wheat, oats and co-fermented with lactobacillus and Kveik yeast. After fermentation, Funk Juice V.17 was blended with blueberry, blackberry & raspberry.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5


Greenhill Cider (5.0%)

Semi dry apple cider

Description of cider.

4oz  $3  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Dickies Ginger Beer

Original or strawberry

11oz  $4.6  |  12oz  $7  |  16oz  $8.5

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Kenya Brew

Roast Description.

11oz  $4.6