ICE ICE BABY // Colombia - Filter

ICE ICE BABY // Colombia - Filter

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— ICE ICE BABY // Filter - Colombia —

Reminds us of: a raspberry and lime jello shot.

The producer of this lot, Don Jairo, comes from a long line of coffee farmers and has been in the business himself for 35 years. Because of the record low market price of coffee, he was able to experiment with unique varietals and processes such as Geisha, Pink Bourbon and the ice fermentation used to process Ice Ice Baby! 

The ice fermentation process involves a 16 hour dry fermentation in cherry form, followed by a 120 hour fermentation in GrainPro bags at freezing temperatures. Once this part of the process is complete, the cherries thaw and sun dry on raised beds as naturals.

Producer: Don Jairo
Farm: Finca Castellano
Importer: Campesino Coffee Co.
Elevation: 1600m
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Ice Fermentation