SPRITE UP YOUR LIFE //  Peru - Filter

SPRITE UP YOUR LIFE // Peru - Filter

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SPRITE UP YOUR LIFE  //  Peru - filter

Reminds us of a Sprite, but if Sprite was a fancy coffee.

This lot was produced by a co-op of women in the Rodríguez de Mendoza region of Peru. The Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros de la Cuenca del Rio Marañón (APROCCURMA) has been working with 124 local women producers for the past five years to support those in the region by providing financing, training and technical assistance to elevate the quality of coffee.

Importer: Root 86
Producer: Farmer Co-op
Elevation: 1500-1800m
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor
Process: Washed

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