SWEET TOOTH // Unroasted

SWEET TOOTH // Unroasted

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Reminds us of a slice of cantaloupe, drizzled with honey.

This honey processed Nicaragua is a delightfully sweet coffee from Finca Aurora, a biodynamic farm run by two former doctors, and husband and wife: Tania and Enrique Ferrufino.

Finca Aurora is one of the first farms in the country to run a full coffee operation on-site (the coffee is produced, washed and dried all at the farm), furthering their commitment to sustainability and the health of both the people there, and their surrounding environment. 

Origin: Nicaragua
Producer: Tania and Enrique Ferrufino
Farm: Finca Aurora
Importer: Sabio Coffee
Elevation: 1150-1350 masl
Varietal: Masellesa
Process: Honey

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