TAKE ON ME // Panama Filter
TAKE ON ME // Panama Filter

TAKE ON ME // Panama Filter

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TAKE ON ME // Panama Washed

Reminds us of: caramel, citrus, florals.

You might think a piece of land where fierce winds blow, the rain plummets in buckets, and temperatures drop steeply at night would be a poor spot for a coffee farm. But impossible things happen every day, and the Gallarde family has been producing exceptional coffees on just such a spot for the last 10 years. Producer Jose Gallarde even credits these challenging conditions with the beautiful intensity of his coffee’s flavour profiles.

To wit, this creamy, citrus-forward marvel with a delicately floral nose and sugary finish. A great reminder that a little grit and innovation can bear exceptional fruit, and that even the biggest challenges need not hold us back. We’ll drink to that!

Importer: Root 86
Region: Jurutungo, Santa Clara, Chriqui Arabica
Farm: Finca La Santa
Producer: Jose and Aileene Gallardo
Varietal: Catuai
Elevation: 1100-1400 masl
Process: Washed