ZOMBIA // Zambia - Filter

ZOMBIA // Zambia - Filter

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ZOMBIA // Zambia - Filter

Reminds us of What's in your coooffee in your coooffee, cranberr-cranberr-cranberr-err-erries.

Apologies for getting THAT stuck in your head.

This is our second offering from Zambia Estates, one of the oldest coffee growing estates in the country, with the best conditions for cultivating Arabica beans. Mafinga Hills is the best region for coffee growing because of the altitude (at 2300m it's the highest point in Zambia) and proximity to the equator.

With notes of jammy red currant, cranberry and milk chocolate, this coffee is just the right amount of sweet with medium acidity.

Origin: Zambia
Washing Station: Mafinga Hills
Farm: Zambia Estates
Importer: Root 86 Imports
Varietal: Catimor
Process: Natural

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