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House of Lager began from a desire to provide our market with quality lagers that are brewed traditionally and given the proper time to condition. 
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We're so excited to begin the hiring and build out our amazing team – are you interested in joining our team? Please send your resume and quick introduction to us at

Interested in hosting an event with us? Our second level event space, complimented by the Viewing Deck within the Presentation Centre pairs breathtaking views with our delicious brews. This space is versatile, and the perfect location to host your wedding, corporate event, or private dinner. Please reach out to us to inquire about dates and details at

Want to know more about our project, or any other details we can help you with? Please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to get back to you.

rendering of proposed indoor space at House of Lager, copper clad brewing vessels.


Born in 2020 beneath the umbrella of House of Funk Brewing, House of Lager originally was run as a side brand to this growing brewery in North Vancouver. Now taking the stage as a solo act, House of Lager will open its doors in one of Canada’s fastest growing communities - Squamish

House of Lager was created as a passion project to explore the art of lagering. At the end of summer 2021 House of Lager brand was placed on hiatus with the commitment to find a facility in which we would brew only lagers, with the brewhouse and cellar designed specifically for lager production.

 At the start of 2022 we were presented with just that opportunity. Separating the brand into a stand alone project, adding depth of experience to our team, we are poised to open arguably the most picturesque backdrop of any brewing facility in BC.

rendering of proposed indoor seating in House of Lager Restauratnt, solid wood, rustic and copper clad metal, family style long communal table


Lager is the hallmark of brewing finesse and quality. The most consumed style of beer worldwide. It is hard to name another liquid that quenches your thirst quite like a well made, cold, crisp, sparkling lager

We will hang our hats on this style. There is very little to hide behind when brewing, fermenting and conditioning these beers. We are excited at the challenge and plan on throwing every ounce of experience and creativity that we have at it. From our brewing methods to how we hold and serve our beers, we will treat our liquid with the utmost respect.

 Because we believe focus is important: by limiting ourselves to brewing lagers only, we have the ability to better perfect the craft. The breadth of styles within the lager category is VAST and we plan to invent a few more. We also look forward to surprising you with what it means to be a lager. So trust us and allow us to take you on this journey.

We know you’re just as excited as us for the return of our classic Bavarian Lager and all of our seasonal brews and lager collabs. So can we share the excitement with you?

cans of japanese rice lager on a bed of flaked rice


Squamish, nestled in the heart of British Columbia, is the perfect location for our new brewery. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and stunning natural beauty, Squamish is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and beer lovers alike. We want to bring the joy of craft lagers to this vibrant community and create a space where locals and visitors can come together to enjoy great beer and good company.




We believe that beer has the power to bring people together, to create lasting memories, and to inspire new adventures. By supporting our new lager brewery in Squamish, you are not just helping us build a business, but you are becoming a part of our story. Together, we can make this dream a reality and share the joy of craft lagers with the world.