WITHOUT A SOUND // Peru Filter
WITHOUT A SOUND // Peru Filter

WITHOUT A SOUND // Peru Filter

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WITHOUT A SOUND // Peru Natural

Reminds us of: caramel, orange, and passion fruit.
Ever had a moment where you’re hit by a thought, emotion, or sensation and the world around you stops? Where there’s nothing else except the pressing silence?

On occasion, a spectacular coffee has done that for us — and we’d love to put the world on pause each time we brew, as if we’re brewing in a sensory deprivation tank, so the aroma, flavours, and textures we’re experiencing are exponentially amplified.

We’d love a moment in that tank with this coffee, its golden-toned flavours rising in a warm, sunny-sweet crescendo. Even with the world at full volume around us, though, it’s shining through the chaos.

Importer: Common Goal Coffee
Producer: Miguel Estela Chilcon
Varietal: Yellow Caturra
Elevation: 1700-1900 masl
Process: Natural