FUNKY GETAWAY // Colombia - Unroasted

FUNKY GETAWAY // Colombia - Unroasted

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Reminds us of a lemon gummy bear.

​Camilo Merizalde recognized early on the importance of biological diversity in order to create an environment for quality coffee and sustainability.

At Finca Santuario this is especially important because of the fragile, high maintenance varietals grown there. The processing of this particular lot lowers the PH level, giving it that citrus sweetness.

We picked up notes of sour lemon candies and apricot jam, with a sweet and sticky mouthfeel.

Importer: Root 86 Coffee Producer: Camilo Merizalde
Farm: Finca Santuario
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon Elevation: 1500m
Process: Double Anaerobic Natural/Honey Hybrid