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TECHNICOLOUR // Espresso Blend

Reminds us of your favourite chocolate bar, just a little bit melted.

This is our house espresso blend, while the origins may rotate you can always expect the same flavour profile from this Australian inspired 'spro.

From Ann, our Head Roaster: “My inspiration for this blend came from when I was living in Australia. Cafes in Melbourne had incredible espresso with lovely mellow chocolate and caramel notes. I wanted to capture that in a blend which would taste wonderful either black, or with milk.”

Producers: Varies
Importer: Root 86 Imports
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Catuai & Catucai, SL28
Elevation: 1100-1700

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Our Espresso Recipe For Commercial Machines:
18g coffee in
42g coffee out
22-25 second brew